Breakout Session 2

Breakout Session 2

Saturday AM

Kingdom Assignments

  • Neighbors/Neighborhood  (Bill & Linda Smith, facilitators)
  • Mentoring College Students  (Laurie Cox and Tina Mason, facilitators)
  • Workplace/Campus/School Evangelism  (Dave Westberry, facilitator)
  • At-Risk Children and Youth/Sabal Palm  (Lisa Eikeland and Jon Getz, facilitators)
  • Homeless  (Cindy Fernald and Angela Gaskins, facilitators)
  • Homebound  (Bob Pullen, facilitator)
  • Finding My Kingdom Assignment – if you have no idea what a “Kingdom Assignment” is, this is for you; also, click the link above for some background information
    • Bill Shiell

*Bonus track

  • Questions Skeptics Ask – prepare for common objections from skeptics and those of other faith backgrounds and learn how to respond with gentleness and confidence
    • Josh Hall