Automated Contributions at No Cost to the Church

You may make regularly scheduled contributions at no cost to the church by approving pre-authorized charges to your checking or savings account. Please complete the form and attach a voided check. You may mail the form and voided check to the church, or drop it by the church office at your convenience.

View Authorization Form

One-Time or Regularly Scheduled Contributions Online

Our online giving resources provide a secure connection for making contributions online, using a debit or credit card, or by having an amount deducted from your checking or savings account. It should be noted that all contributions made online will cost the church approximately 3% to process. You will receive contribution credit for the full amount of your contribution, and the full amount of your contribution will be credited to the church ministries you support. The processing fees associated with processing your online contributions will be paid from the operating budget of the church. Our online giving page provides you with several options related to giving to the budget of our church.

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