CLC Menu

CLC Menu

CLC Menu

Ms. Sharon serves up her delicious cooking each day in the cafe on the 2nd floor of our Christian Life Center. An affordable lunch special and a variety of sandwich, soup, salad, and dessert options are available every weekday from 11:30am till 2:00pm.

*We now accept debit cards, in addition to cash or check.  

Everyday Options

  • Salads: large, small, and side salads (with daily special)
  • Subs and sandwiches: chicken salad, tuna salad, turkey breast, ham…even PB&J
  • Hot dogs and chili dogs
  • Personal pizzas
  • Soft tacos
  • Side items: fruit, chips, crackers, cookies, candy
  • Drinks: sweet and unsweet tea, lemonade, canned soda, bottled water

Daily Special Pricing

  • Meal special – $6 (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Soup – $2.50
  • Dessert – $2.25

Menu week of: Week of December 12 – December 16

  • Meal: Sharon will be closing at 1:30 today. Chicken and rice, butterpeas, roll or cornbread
  • Soup: Cabbage soup
  • Dessert: Coconut pie
  • Meal: Beef or veggie lasagna, steamed broccoli, garlic bread
  • Soup: Cabbage soup
  • Dessert: Coconut pie
Wednesday: This meal is $7
  • Meal: Baked ham or turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potato soufflé, green beans or collards, roll
  • Soup: Black bean soup
  • Dessert: Pecan pie or pumpkin pie
  • Meal: Taco salad: seasoned beef or chicken, chips, cheese sauce, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, black olives, jalapenos, salsa, sour cream
  • Soup: Black bean soup
  • Dessert: Pecan pie or pumpkin pie
  • Meal: Fried or grilled chicken sandwich, fried, medium tea or lemonade
  • Soup: Sharon’s choice
  • Dessert: Sharon’s choice