Erin Westberry

Erin Westberry

Director of Communications
Erin Westberry

Erin is our director of communications, which basically means she’s Minister of Making Things Look Good. She is responsible for churchwide communications, from website maintenance to newsletters to social media to graphic design. She graduated from The Florida State University in 2006 with a degree in accounting, but has a love for all things aesthetically pleasing which landed her this position at FBCTLH in 2009.

Erin was basically born into the church, decided to follow Christ at age 10, and was baptized at age 16 when she finally plucked up the courage to “walk the aisle”.  She came to FBCTLH when she moved to Tallahassee as a freshman at FSU, and here has grown into a real relationship with God – no turning back!  She also currently serves as a teacher in our college ministry, as a singer with the Praise Team, and works with the youth choir.


Fun Facts

Most likely to: write out a script before making a phone call

Favorite sports: college football, gymnastics, and skiing (water and snow)

Guilty pleasure: sleeping in

Favorite smell: summer – sunscreen and fresh-cut grass

Favorite quote:

Miss Cornelia – “What if the singing isn’t good? They’re doing their best, and God sees no difference between the voice of a crow and the voice of a nightingale.

Captain Jim – “…I’ve a better opinion of the Almighty’s ear for music than THAT.
(L.M. Montgomery’s Anne’s House of Dreams)