First Focus


Just a few weeks ago, we appointed a very important committee that will play an integral role in the history of our church. Their names are listed at the end of this article. This Sunday, you will get an opportunity to be introduced to them and to pray for them as they begin the task of searching for our next Senior Pastor. They are wonderful men and women of prayer and wisdom who have a passion for our church and our ministries. I invite you to get to know each one of these committee members personally and to pray continuously for them as they seek the person God is already preparing to serve as our next leader.

This week, as Josh reminds us of God’s command to “pray constantly,” I would encourage you to make prayer for our pastor search process part of your daily routine. As Christians, we are all too aware of the pitfalls we encounter when we become so self-reliant that we forget to devote ourselves to prayer. Even though Jesus was the most perfect search committee ever, Luke (Chapter 6) tells us that He spent the entire night in prayer before choosing the apostles.

As you pray, please pray specifically for the members of the Committee. Pray for them to be patient, that they would have the mind of Christ, and that they would have Word-centered wisdom. We should also pray for our next pastor and his family, so that God would be preparing him for his ministry here and that he would be able to shepherd us effectively. And please don’t forget to pray for each other. It is critical for us to have a sense of unity that only comes when we turn our hearts over to the Holy Spirit and seek to be obedient to his will for our church. And finally, I would ask you to pray for patience and for trust in our Pastor Search Committee and the process of their discerning God’s will for us, as only He knows how long this search process may take.

I want to thank you in advance for your prayerful support and encouragement of our Pastor Search Committee. I am comforted by knowing that God has a plan for our church, and that we can confidently and prayerfully look forward to God’s blessing together – not because of who we are, but because of who God is.

In Him,
Dave Westberry
2016 Deacon Chairman

Pastor Search Committee

  • Seth Ablordeppey – Chairman
  • Donna Callaway
  • James Craig
  • Jeff Latimer
  • Tina Mason
  • Stuart Pearce
  • Tom Perrin Jr.
  • Richard Tudor
  • Kim Vickery