Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates




JUNE 30, 2020

FBCTLH is excited to announce that Sunday Morning Bible Study (SMBS) will begin again on July 12, 2020! As with everything else, things will look a little different.

Below is a list of guidelines to gather again responsibly showing love our neighbor while worshipping and learning about our great God.

After measuring all of our classrooms, and talking with the leaders about expected numbers returning, I am confident that we will be able to have all classes meet in their normal rooms. While I realize that the below list is not ideal, please understand that your pastoral staff has discussed this and prayed about how we can reopen. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at (850.777.3243) and I will be happy to talk with you.

  • Please continue to practice social distancing guidelines
  • There will be children and youth SMBS classes. Please contact Jacob Chilton if your children will be attending or Josh Hall if your youth will be attending
  • Per the Leon County Commissioner’s Office, effective June 25, everyone must wear a mask when inside the building gathered for worship or SMBS.
  • Exceptions include
    • Persons who have trouble breathing due to a chronic pre-existing condition or individuals with a documented or demonstrable medical problem. It is the intent of this provision that those individuals who cannot tolerate a facial covering for a medical, sensory, or any other condition which makes it difficult for them to utilize a facial covering and function in public are not required to wear one;
    • The teacher/instructor of the class
  • The class size will be limited based on the square footage of your classroom
  • There will only be enough chairs in the room to accommodate the maximum number of persons allowed in each room
    • Please do not allow standing if there is an overflow problem. Please contact Terry Delaney as soon as possible if overflow becomes a problem.
  • Tables may be removed to facilitate more room for seating where needed.
  • All curriculum will be digital for at least the next quarter or trimester. We will need to adjust this on a per-order basis
    • Please contact Terry Delaney if this will be a problem for anyone in the class
  • Not returning to worship gatherings at this time if you are sick or think you might be sick, are in high-risk groups of infection, or are taking care of those who are high-risk
  • Continuing to practice safe hygiene practices such as washing hands before entering, using hand sanitizer frequently, coughing into your elbow, and refraining from touching common surfaces as much as possible
  • Please use the hand sanitizer which will be available in the Welcome Center
  • Our goal is to have hand sanitizer available in every SMBS classroom.
  • Not congregating inside the Sanctuary or in the Welcome Center before or after the service, but weather permitting, fellowshipping outside the building
  • Not offering food or drinks during class (you can bring your own!)

This list may change over time as we continue to adjust to the local and national guidelines as well as better understanding our own best practices. We look forward to returning to some sense of normalcy here at FBCTLH. We believe beginning our week with worship and Bible Study is one of the best habits we can practice.

— Terry Delaney

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