Faith, Food, Friday


Faith, Food, Friday

This year, The Village Square is turning our attention to hosting a conversation about this place we call home.

As much as it’s hard to take our eyes off of Washington, D.C. lately, ultimately, it’s neighbors like us, in hometowns like ours, who decide who we are to each other.

We’ll get The Fab Five God Squadders out of their summer sabbaticals talking about the Catholic principle of “subsidiarity” — solving problems closest to the people — and posing the question of how we’re doing in this place, with these people.

Facilitated by: Father Tim Holeda, St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral

Lunch is provided by The Grove at Canopy and is $10.00 if you order by the Wednesday before the program ($15.00 after). You are welcome to bring your own lunch or skip lunch.

Register for lunch online.

For more information, contact: The Village Square