Florida Baptist Disaster Relief Training


Florida Baptist Disaster Relief Training

On March 9, 2019, a FLDR training session will be held at City Church, located at 3215 Sessions Road, here in Tallahassee. Training will be from 9:00AM–3:30PM. Training is not just limited to clean up and recovery efforts but also administration, childcare, spiritual care, food services, and much more.

IIf you are already a credentialed volunteer, check your badge for the expiration date. If it is expired or if you have never been credentialed, visit flbaptist.org/disaster-relief-training to begin the process of a background check. The fee for the background check is $17.00.

On the day of the training there will be a $25 registration fee for new volunteers; returning volunteers have a $20 registration fee. Your registration fee includes lunch and training materials. (For new volunteers that fee includes a shirt and hat.) Registration and fees will be collected at City Church between 8:30AM & 9:00AM the day of the training.

Contact Linda Teague for more information.

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For more information, contact: Linda Teague