A Vision with Jesus


- Dr. Bill Shiell

A Vision with Jesus

Scripture Reference: 2 Peter 1:16-20

What would it be like if Jesus lived your life right now? That vision animated the apostle Peter. In Bethsaida, Jesus saw him and called him.  On the Mountain of Transfiguration, Peter realized that Jesus’ vision was also his goal for life. This same vision can motivate our lives today. In order to fulfill it, we need to believe in a God we cannot see. How does that happen?


We acknowledge that he sees us. We listen to his voice from the Bible and the church. As Dallas Willard suggests in his book Renovation of the Heart, we develop the desire, motivation, and discipline to reflect his glory.


  1. Desire- a passion to glorify Jesus in all things
  2. Motivation- that Jesus would be reflected in everything we do, say, and think
  3. Discipline- the ongoing spiritual exercises that keep us focused on Jesus. They fall into three categories.


God- Bible study, prayer, worship

Me- Single-minded devotion, Surrender of time and resources

We- Biblical community, spiritual gifts, and sharing my faith


Corbin Thornbury is physically blind, but he can do something that most people think would be impossible. He can ride a bicycle like any other child. By listening to the horn on the back of his dad’s bike, he can follow behind and know the way to go. Watch his experience—along with Daniel Kitch—here.


Like Corbin, we cannot see Jesus, but we can hear his voice and develop the vision to see him living through us. By doing so, people will see Jesus in us.



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