Conduct Yourself Obediently


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Conduct Yourself Obediently

Conduct Yourself Obediently

Scripture Reference: 1 Peter 1:17-2:10

The church is a group of “Jesus People.” Because we have been reborn into Christ, we now have a new identity. We are loyal to Jesus and the church above all others. Just as Peter was once known as Simon, so now we as the church have a new name. We are known as a spiritual household, a royal priesthood, a chosen race, and a holy nation.

The new identity in Jesus doesn’t make life easier. In fact, we often experience pressure from people who don’t agree with our way of living. Our problem as believers, however, happens when we experience anxiety from suffering. As Ralph Wood suggests, our tendency as Christians is to take out our anxiety from suffering on other believers. Peter encourages us to “Rid yourselves of all malice, guile, and envy,” and live obediently by loving each other. This love set us apart from the world. We develop a reputation for outdoing each other in caring for the less fortunate and our brothers and sisters in Jesus.

The early Christians were known for their love. Consider these examples:

From a church father–

“The practice of such a special love brands us in the eyes of some. ‘See,’ they say, ‘how they love one another.’” (Tertullian Apologetics 39:5-7)

From opponents–

“Their first lawgiver persuaded them that they are all brothers of one another (Lucian, The Passing of Peregrinus, 13).

“The impious Galileans support not only their poor, but ours as well.” (Works of Julian, 69)

I shared two different examples of this kind of lifestyle in more recent memory. At 9:00, I shared the story of the powerful hymn sung in Oflag Prisoner of War Camp, “Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken.” At 11:15, I discussed the work of Dr. Stephen Foster, missionary physician in Angola. I encourage you to listen to the sermon and learn more about this kind of obedience.