Engage the World With Bold Love


- Love Jesus | Dr. Bill Shiell

Engage the World With Bold Love

Engage the World With Bold Love

Scripture Reference: 1 John 1:7-21

Boldness is the assurance to talk openly about your faith in the darkness. John showed this kind of boldness in Acts 4:13. Even though he appeared to be ordinary and uneducated, the disciple John showed resurrection love openly because he had been with Jesus. In his sermon in 1 John 5:7-21, we discover how we can do the same.

The Trinity already testifies about us into the dark places of life. We pray and ask God for confidence to share our faith assertively with those who need his love. He gives us three kinds of confidence.

  1. We are assured that he claims us as his own when he returns on judgment day.
  2. He removes condemnation from our hearts so we can have confidence to love others.
  3. We pray boldly for our lives and for those in the darkness.

We see an example of this kind of love in eight college students serving in summer missions. Two of these college students, Luke Smith and Becca Winch, were baptized and commissioned to share his love in summer missions projects. All of us are called to follow their lead. It begins with prayer. How will you pray boldly for those in darkness?

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