Fruitful Living


- Think, Act, Be | Dr. Bill Shiell

Fruitful Living

Scripture Reference: Galatians 5:16-26

The Holy Spirit plants seeds of grace that bear fruit in the believers’ life. These fruit function as life’s brake system. They keep us from doing whatever we want, keep us firmly planted in Jesus, and allow us to be nourished by His living water.

The Impulsive Life is characterized by a desire for instant gratification (vs. 19-21) in four areas:

The fruitful life comes from a life nourished by Jesus’ living water. (vs. 22-24)
Love- sacrificing your desires for someone else’s
Joy- mutual connection with others through the Spirit
Peace- releasing others and yourself from contempt and engaging in the ministry of reconciliation.
Patience- long suffering endurance
Kindness- undeserved mercy
Goodness- generous living
Faithfulness- fidelity in commitments to others
Gentleness- humble responses to others without coercion
Self-control- temperance