Jesus’ Jubilee Mirror


- Standalone Sermon | Dr. Bill Shiell

Jesus’ Jubilee Mirror

Scripture Reference: Luke 4:16-21

This morning, we began our first Sunday of Lent focusing on Jesus’ gospel in Luke 4:16-21. Jesus preached, “repent and believe the good news (the gospel).” What kind of good news did he believe in? His message touched five significant areas of life.

  1. Good news to the poor
  2. Recovery of sight to blind
  3. Release the oppressed
  4. Release prisoners
  5. Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

These themes are not only at the heart of Jesus’ message; they’re also a mirror for our lives. We gaze, reflect, and compare ourselves to his priorities. We change our desires to his good news. We follow our teacher into this same mission.

By doing so, we announce that this is a Jubilee Year in Tallahassee. Just as Jesus proclaimed the year of the Lord’s favor, so we can examine our hearts and be released from that which holds us captive. We can be free from the bonds of sin and oppression. Then we can take his message to the poor, blind, oppressed, and prisoners. What would it be like for you to announce Jesus’ Jubilee mission to Tallahassee this year?