Jesus’ Mountain Adventure


- Courageous Faith | Dr. Bill Shiell

Jesus’ Mountain Adventure

Jesus’ Mountain Adventure

Scripture Reference: Mark 9:1-13

When Jesus’ clothes glow in Mark 9:1-8, Moses and Elijah appear with him. He is transfigured, and the disciples see the glory of the Lord. The transfiguration of Jesus gives them courageous faith. They see a vision of his life and his vision for ours. We are to reflect his glory in our lives and bring glory to Jesus in everything we do.

The disciples were afraid of what they saw because they had much to be afraid of. The “mountaintop experience” is sometimes exciting, but oftentimes it’s terrifying. We have many obstacles in front of us that can be both a burden as well as an adventure. By showing us his glory, Jesus removes the burdens of duty, obligation, guilt, and expectation. He invites us to be changed the way Paul described in 2 Corinthians 3:18, “from one degree of glory to another.” He invites us to give glory to him in our attitudes, actions, and lifestyles even when the mountain is too difficult.

Today as we prepared to climb Mount Everest for Vacation Bible School and Sports Camp, we climbed the mount of transfiguration and asked, “Lord, give me your mountain.” We asked God to give us the mountain challenge that will glorify him—not us. We bow down in awe and worship. We invite rising generations to climb with us. We respond to the real needs of Nepalese people in and around Mount Everest today who are without food, shelter, and water because of the recent devastating earthquake. We commit this week as C.S Lewis says, to “carry each other to glory.” We climb, because this is what honors Jesus. Let’s join the adventure!

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