Love that Forms Friendships


- Love Jesus | Dr. Bill Shiell

Love that Forms Friendships

Love that Forms Friendships

Scripture Reference: 1 John 2:7-17

Friendship with Jesus and each other is just as significant to our spiritual growth as prayer, Bible study, and worship. When Jesus called us friends, he also bound us by his resurrection love.

Each of us is a “friendship minister” at First Baptist and to our city. Using some of Dietrich Bohoeffer’s ideas, I suggested today that there are four ministries that we need as Christian friends.

  1. Holding your tongue
  2. Bearing Burdens
    You are the burden that someone is called to bear.
    Resurrection love challenges us to form friendships with people different than us—mentally, politically, and racially.
  3. Speaking Frankly
    Speaking frankly is the same word for speaking boldly.
  4. Showing up
    “You can’t be a witness without with-ness.” Scot McKnight

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