Love That Overcomes the Unknown


- Love Jesus | Dr. Bill Shiell

Love That Overcomes the Unknown

Love That Overcomes the Unknown

Scripture Reference: 1 John 5:1-6

Today we celebrated God’s work in the class of 2015. We send them out as Christ’s light in a dark world. Three things are so pervasive in the dark.

  1. Antichrists – people who deny that Jesus is the Son of God.
  2. Loneliness – the reality that 1/3 of adults experiences chronic loneliness
  3. FOMO – Fear of missing out. Because of our commitments to Christ, we know that we miss out on so many things. The reality is that many of those things seek to destroy us.

First John 5:1-6 offers us three ways to live victoriously.

  1. Trust that Jesus has already conquered the antichrists—and everything else. We can trust in him for our identity and sufficiency.
  2. Use your loneliness. When we’re all alone, we’re reminded of the human condition of sin. Use your loneliness to draw closer to Christ, deny yourself, and follow him. Channel loneliness into creative, life-giving music, writing, and service to others. Empathize with those in similar circumstances, and connect to others in community.
  3. Obey his commands. Turn away from destructive friendships and draw tight boundaries in your life. As the old saying goes, “A river without boundaries is a swamp.” Is your life flowing with living water or dead as a swamp?