The Gospel Spectacle


- Dr. Bill Shiell

The Gospel Spectacle

Scripture Reference: 1 Corinthians 4:9-20

Christian educators teach us how to live according to the wisdom of the cross. By their presence in our public, private, and home schools, they present the “gospel spectacle,” a living performance of Jesus’ wisdom.

Today, we commissioned these educators, including administrators and staff of the Department of Education. We encouraged volunteers, parents, and students in worship to become “fools for Chirst.”

The Corinthians and much of Tallahassee values the Self more than anything else.

The apostles and our teachers become a spectacle to show a different Way (1 Corinthians 4:9)

  • Weakness
  • Disrepute
  • Hungry and Thirsty
  • Poorly clothed
  • Homeless
  • Weary from labor

We are sent to BLESS others

  • Bless those who revile us.
  • Endure what persecutes us.
  • Speak Kindly to those who slander us.
  • Scrape by using the mud from Golgotha.

Instead of “walking a mile in someone’s shoes,” we get dirty in the mud with them.

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