What Love Looks and Sounds Like


- Love Jesus | Dr. Bill Shiell

What Love Looks and Sounds Like

What Love Looks and Sounds Like

Scripture Reference: 1 John 1:1-4

The resurrection love of Jesus Christ opens the doors of our hearts and lives. Just as Jesus appeared to weary, grieving, ashamed, afraid disciples, so he shows up during this season of Easter through his presence among believers.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a Mormon, Muslim, or Jewish neighbor, you know this is one of the things that sets Christians apart from every other religion. We believe that the eternal God walked the earth like us. After he died, he rose again with a resurrected body. Eternal life and earthly life came together in Jesus Christ.

God is love, and love looks like Jesus and the fellowship that we have with other believers. It’s more than the words we say, emotions we feel, thoughts we have, and ideas we aspire to. Love is the physical presence of your life with someone else showing and demonstrating the truth you believe. When you show this kind of love, the resurrection opens doors for others through you.

Last Maundy Thursday, I attended the dedication of the Kearney Center, the new comprehensive center to address homeless needs in our community. Our church has partnered with the Shelter and other organizations to make this center a reality. An African American man walked up to Heather Mitchell and me. He said, “I have just been released from prison, and I’m homeless. I want to bless you because you have opened a door for me….so that I will never go back.”

The power of the resurrection working in the lives and gifts of people ministering to homeless people can open doors for others. Let’s show others what resurrection love looks and sounds like.

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