When Jesus Sighed


- Courageous Faith | Dr. Bill Shiell

When Jesus Sighed

When Jesus Sighed

Scripture Reference: Mark 7:31-37

Courageous faith is hearing, sharing, and obeying the gospel. Our problem is that we are spiritually deaf and mute. We need Jesus to perform a miracle on us so that we can follow him. He offers one to both a physically deaf man and spiritually deaf Pharisees. The deaf man has courageous faith to believe.

As Tom Long suggests, we can’t hear the gospel because the old serpent from Genesis 2 still whispers in our ears that “we will be like God, knowing good and evil.” We sympathize for our sinful world, assuming this is the way the world is always going to be. We test God wanting him to just give us one more sign that we can trust him.

Jesus heals us by sighing. In Mark 7:31-37, he looks up to heaven, sighs, and says, “Be opened.” He sighs to grieve over our world, groan with the Spirit, and to cure our condition. He sighs so that we too can sigh over the our lives and turn to him. The same God who walked on the water, raised a girl to life, and fed over 4,000 people invites us to trust him. We demonstrate that obedience by listening to him, accepting his provision, and sighing in prayer. We stop testing Jesus and look at the provisions he has placed before us. He opens our ears and loosens our tongues and says to us, “Be opened.”

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