Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith

Minister of Pastoral Community
Rhonda Smith

Rhonda is our resident Midwesterner, originally from Missouri. As Minister of Pastoral Community here at FBCTLH, she works with Single Adults (40+), Senior Adults, and Women’s Ministry.

The daughter of a pastor, Rhonda was raised in a Christian home and has been involved in church all her life. She made a decision to follow Jesus at age 7, but struggled with her salvation during her early teens until she prayed for peace at age 16. With the assurance that an ongoing struggle had been relieved, it freed up much more energy and excitement to better serve the Lord. Though there are plenty of things that are hard to understand about God, she knows that God is who He says He is: faithful, ever-present, and ultimate victor.


Fun Facts

Hobby: collecting Pepsi

Favorite vacation: New England in the fall

Favorite smell: bread baking

Bucket list: travel to Alaska

Trivia: no relation our other “staff Smiths” – Todd or Marty

Related Ministry: Single Adults, Senior Adults, Women