Breakout Session 1

Breakout Session 1

Friday PM

Neighborhood track

  • Meeting the Neighbors – how to establish relationships with your neighbors and form a community, using tools such as
    • Jeff Latimer

Campus track

  • Sharing Faith in High School – panel with testimonies of sharing faith
    • Maris Renard, Rosanna Jenije, and Bailey Smith

Workplace track

  • Business on Mission – panel discussion of how to live out your faith in the marketplace/private sector, whether a CEO or clerk
    • Stacey Getz, APR, Partner + VP of Public Relations, Taproot Creative
    • Dr. Mark McNees, Lead Pastor, E3
    • Dave Shearer, Owner-Operator, Dave’s Pizza Garage
    • Christie Wilson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Troy University

City track

  • Helping the Homeless – learn to respond with confidence and compassion to the homeless you meet on the street; may also explore long-term strategies, such as mentoring those in transition
    • Marta Arrington, ECHO Executive Director
  • Praying the City – strategies, tools, and ways to pray for your city
    • Barbara Berry and Matthew Jenije

*Bonus track

  • Questions Skeptics Ask – prepare for common objections from skeptics and those of other faith backgrounds and learn how to respond with gentleness and confidence
    • Josh Hall
  • Human Trafficking – learn what you can do to combat the second-largest criminal industry in the world today and the fastest-growing with nearly 2 million children in the commercial sex trade
    • Luke Hinson and Carrie Hardaway