Mission Trips

Mission Trips

  • Go Week

    Go Week

    When: August

    Go Week is a “mission trip to campus.” It is a time of serving campus through a variety of ways and connecting with literally hundreds of new students. It is a time of coming together with a dozen other campus ministries to make much of the name of Christ all across campus. Our goals are 1) getting our students relationally connected to the incoming freshman class, 2) serving the faculty, staff, and administration of FSU and build bridges with the university, and 3) joining with the body of Christ at large to engage in a Kingdom-minded, Kingdom-building mission.

    Contact: Josh Hall

  • Youth Choir Tour

    Youth Choir Tour

    When: June

    The culmination of our year is the Youth Choir Mission Trip, taken during the first week of summer. We travel together on a charter bus and sing about God’s love to those who are hurting and need love. We serve others in the name of Jesus and spend time growing in our faith as we study God’s Word in our quiet times and devotionals. After spending a week of serving, the choir presents a Home Concert the Sunday night of the trip.

    Contact: Greg Williams

  • Builders for Christ

    Builders for Christ

    When: July

    Each summer, a team from FBCTLH participates in a national Builders for Christ project. Builders for Christ is a group of men, women, and children serving Jesus Christ in the mission field of church construction. We help churches build their buildings by providing and coordinating volunteer labor. Our building teams consist of volunteers from all walks of life, including contractors, public servants, computer professionals, students, retired people, nurses, truck drivers, and more. There is a job for everyone!

    Contact: Richard Tudor

  • S. Asia

    When: July 14-24, 2023

    Beginning in 2023, FBCTLH will send a team to S. Asia to begin the monumental task of engaging people groups that have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. We go in the confidence of the promise of God that when we proclaim the gospel, “it shall not return empty, but it shall accomplish that which [God] purposes and shall succeed in the thing for which [he] sent it” (Is 55:11). By engaging these hard to reach people groups, it is our prayer that FBCTLH would be faithful in fulfilling the Great Commission so that those who have never heard of Jesus Christ might hear and repent and believe.
    For more information, contact Terry Delaney.

    Contact: Terry Delaney

  • New York City

    New York City

    When: October 2023

    FBCLTH has partnered with Graffiti 2 in order to mutually assist one another in reaching the communities in the Bronx and downtown Tallahassee. When we are in New York City, we assist Graffiti 2 with their after-school programs, community engagement ministries, evangelistic encounters, and Bible studies.
    For more information on Graffiti 2 Ministries, click here https://graffiti2ministries.org/.

    Contact: Terry Delaney

  • Missions Application Form

    Missions Application Form

    When: Year-round

    If you are interested in receiving financial support to attend a mission trip, fill out the following Mission Trip Application Form.

    Contact: Terry Delaney

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