Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief


Even though the world is wrestling with COVID-19, one must always prepare to minister to fellow Floridians or those in areas that have been impacted by storms.

With that in mind, you can become a credentialed Florida Baptist Disaster Relief volunteer or renew your badge online. Visit https://flbaptist.org/disasterrelief/ and click on the VOLUNTEER TAB to do so.

Ministry areas are coming online daily so that you can get equipped in the various areas, so keep checking for updates. Here is what you will find when you go to the link.


  1. Complete a background check. The Florida Baptist Convention requires a background check for all credentialed volunteers, which is good for three years.
  2. Follow the on-line process for registration and training.
  3. We will identify needs and notify you via email with site information where and when you may serve.


Register — This is for both returning and/or new volunteers. There is a $10.00 registration fee per person that may be paid with a credit card. You only need to register once a year no matter how many classes you take.

Watch — the Orientation segment videos. You may watch these separately or all at one time. When finished, answer the short questionnaire. The questionnaire will be sent to the office and your attendance will be recorded. This is required of all beginning volunteers and when renewing your badge (once every three years).

Allow a few weeks following your background clearance, registration, and class attendance to receive your badge. If we do not have a current headshot picture of you, one will be requested. Pictures may be selfies. When sending a picture, please remember — no hats or sunglasses may be worn in the shot, and a plain background should be used (for instance, a clear wall).

For online training, you will order your hat, shirt, and lanyard from IWantYellow.com. At the time you place your order, you will need to provide your badge number. When ordering, you may decide to order extra shirts and items, which is perfectly acceptable. Whatever you order will be at your expense. Registration cost has been reduced since we will not be providing these items.


  1. Pray — Pray for the families affected, those who are assisting in recovery efforts, and for the communities as they recover and heal from the damage caused by the natural disaster.
  2. Give Directly — Financial resources will be necessary to help all the affected areas recover from the damage. Below is a list of organizations we recommend giving to in order to support the relief effort of natural disasters.
  3. Organize — As search and rescue efforts give way to recovery, volunteer teams will be needed to travel to affected areas. Consider volunteering of your time and energy to travel to affected areas to serve those who are suffering and have been affected by natural disasters.


First Baptist Church of Tallahassee recommends the following agencies if you are interested in providing assistance to those affected by natural disasters.





If you are already a credentialed volunteer, check your badge for the expiration date. If it is expired or if you have never been credentialed, visit flbaptist.org/disaster-relief-training/ to begin the process of a background check and receive all the information you will need for training. There is a $25 registration fee for new volunteers; returning volunteers have a $20 registration fee. Your registration fee includes lunch and training materials. Registration and fees will be collected onsite the day of the training.

Contact Linda Teague for more information.


  • The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is supported in part by the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program?
  • Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is the third largest relief agency in the US after the Red Cross and Salvation Army
  • In Florida, during Hurricane Michael Relief efforts, there were over 3,000 volunteers from multiple state conventions serving for 128 days
    • There were over 819,000 meals served
    • There were over 4,000 homes served
    • There were over 100 professions of faith.