Bible Study Options

Bible Study Options

  • Sunday Morning Bible Study

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    There are many Sunday Morning Bible Study (SMBS) options for people of all ages and stages of life. Click on the ministries below to see what is available for you.

    Meeting Date & Time: Sundays at 10 AM unless otherwise noted

    • Children

      Infants and 1 Year Olds

      Location: Duval 1st Floor

      Younger Preschool (Toddlers-4 Year Olds)

      Location: Duval 2nd Floor

      Older Preschool (VPK & Kindergarten)

      Location: Duval 2nd Floor

      Elementary (Grades 1–5)

      Location: Duval 2nd Floor

    • Youth

      6th & 7th Grade

      Location: CLC Room 1

      Leader: Jerry & Anne Edwards

      8th Grade

      Location: CLC Room 2

      Leader: Lisa Eikeland, Tolar & Robyn Griffin

      9th Grade

      Location: CLC Room 3

      Leader: Paul & Tracy Edewaard, Aaron & Veronica Nobles

      10th & 11th Grade

      Location: CLC Room 4

      Leader: Chris & Shelley Green, Amy Parker

      12th Grade

      Location: CLC Room 5

      Leader: Harlan Moret, Jeremy & Patti Tidwell, Kendra Hall

    • College

      Large Group Bible Study

      Location: Adams basement

      Leader: James Craig, Josh Hall

    • Young Adults

      Young Professionals

      Location: Adams 307

      Leader: Jarad Patsch

      Young Adult 1

      Location: Adams 317

      Leader: Terry Delaney, Kurt Hodges

      Young(er) Adult

      Location: Duval 303

      Leader: Jacob Chilton, Lance Pierce, Daniel Sheets

    • Adults

      Word Seekers

      Location: Chason Meeting Room

      Leader: Deb Moret, Larry & Merrilee White

      Discovery Class (all adults)

      Location: Chason 207B

      Leader: Eric Hoover

      InterAction (all adults)

      Location: Chason 208

      Leader: John Corven, Nate Adams

      Adult 3 Pathfinders (50+)

      Location: Chason 204

      Leader: Seth Ablordeppey, Jeff Butts, Beckie Maynard, Linda Frohock

      Fellowship (60s and 70s)

      Location: Chason 207A

      Leader: Richard Duley

      Empty Nesters Plus Class (40+)

      Location: Chason 209

      Leader: Brent Pichard, John Lester

    • Single Adults

      Women’s Career Class

      Location: Adams 332

      Leader: Aundrea Scott, Linda Smith

      Growing Stronger Together

      Location: Adams 321

      Leader: Lissa Cone

    • Senior Adults

      8 AM — Early Risers (Ladies)

      Location: A101, Adams Chapel

      Leader: Donna Callaway

      10 AM — Joy Class (Ladies)

      Location: A103, Adams Chapel

      Leader: Patsy Faircloth

      10 AM — Leon Sims Class (Men)

      Location: A111, Adams Parlor

      Leader: Bob Pullen, Charles Maynard

    • Internationals


      Location: Chason Conference Room

    • Deaf

      Bible Study

      Location: Duval 322

      Leader: Sue Mercer; Teacher: David Roberts

  • Collide

    Leader: Josh Hall

    Collide is our mid-week gathering and Bible study for youth that meets every Wednesday at 6:45 PM in the Quad (on the 2nd floor of the Christian Life Center). Connect with God through the study of His Word and with friends in an exciting atmosphere.

    Meeting Date & Time: Wednesdays at 6:45 PM

    Location: Quad (CLC 2nd Floor)

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  • College Bible Study

    Leader: Josh Hall

    CBS is our mid-week gathering and Bible study for college students that meets every Wednesday at 8 PM in the basement of the Adams building. Bring a friend and come prepared to take a deep dive into God’s Word.

    Meeting Date & Time: Wednesdays at 8 PM

    Location: Adams basement

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  • Adult Bible Study

    Leader: Dr. Gary L. Shultz

    All adults are invited to join us for a weekly Bible study with Pastor Gary. Nursery and childcare provided.

    Meeting Date & Time: Wednesdays at 6 PM

    Location: Sanctuary

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  • DivorceCare

    Leader: Terry Delaney

    DivorceCare is a weekly seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. It incorporates the use of a facilitator, videos, discussion, and a workbook. Email for scheduling information.

    Meeting Date & Time: Wednesdays at 6 PM

    Location: Adams 315

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