Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines

Do you feel like your spirit is running on empty? Are you tired of going through the motions of superficial spirituality? As patterns develop in our lives, especially within the busyness of church life, it can become easy to give the appearance of spiritual activity without experiencing spiritual vitality. Reexamine how you are doing with the fundamentals of the everyday Christian life by exploring several essential spiritual disciplines.

These short videos are intended to give you a brief introduction to key disciplines by briefly explaining why each is important in the life of a believer and offering guidance on how to practice each.

For further study, get a copy of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney.

Consider what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and learn how spiritual disciplines are essential to faithfully following Jesus.

Deepen your understanding of God’s Word by applying these principles for studying the Bible.

Learn how to slow down and dwell on a passage of Scripture.

Overcome your reluctance to memorize Scripture by seeing its inestimable value.

Bring structure and balance to your daily prayer time.

Strengthen your dependence on the Lord through the often-neglected practice of fasting.