Who We Are

Who We Are

First Baptist Church of Tallahassee has a long and illustrious history of ministering to the people in the Tallahassee area and around the world. With more than 1750 active members, we are proud of our past and we have a hope for many more years of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world around us. We are a praying, faithful fellowship with great preaching that is relevant to current issues.

Our congregation has a choice of contributing to the Southern Baptist Convention, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, both, or neither. We also provide the opportunity to contribute to First Baptist Church of Tallahassee only. With these options our congregation supports the missions of both the SBC and the CBF, as well as local needs around Tallahassee and around the world. Over 20 years ago our congregation adopted this approach of dual alignment in a wise and prayerful decision. The result has been a unified body of believers that has continued to be a loving, compassionate fellowship with excellent Bible studies and a heart for missions.

We are a regional church involved in many activities in the community and around the world, but we are also a downtown church that is here for life, with a great staff that loves the Lord and makes everyone feel at home. Many people within our community know us as the church that frequently opens its doors to the public during major downtown events so local residents and visitors can take advantage of our wonderful facilities and hospitality — from a comfortable space to take a break from the outside conditions to restrooms and baby-changing areas!

Our members are a compassionate, friendly, and welcoming body of believers who are committed, courageous, and proactive doers of God’s word. We are diverse, loving, evangelistic, service-oriented, giving, nonjudgmental, and mission-minded. First Baptist Church has been described as “the church that is not afraid to take action”.

First Baptist Church is a Bible-based church with many great programs and ministry areas. Many of our members are here because of a strong bond of Christian fellowship, the quality and depth of our Bible study ministries, the committed and spirit-filled staff, the strong Bible- based preaching, and the opportunity to become involved in any number of mission outreach and in-reach activities. Others came and remain at First Baptist Church because of our great music, children’s, youth, and college ministries. Still others are here because members of their family have found a warm and caring home, or simply because a friend, co-worker, or staff member invited them to attend.