First Focus


The mission of First Baptist Church of Tallahassee is to be a God-centered, Bible-directed, people-focused, caring body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ; led by the Holy Spirit in worshiping, serving, and sharing Christ, and in equipping believers to carry out the Great Commission in the community and throughout the world.

Therefore, the purpose and goal of FBCTLH is to follow Jesus by striving to honor him in all things, loving and serving others in his name, and helping others follow him too. We are committed to ministering to people in the Tallahassee area and around the world.

Because of this, for years, FBCTLH has sent out servants to help with church building projects across the country. This summer, the mission field was a little closer to home and a little different than years past.

This year’s Builders For Christ team worked on a disaster relief project in the Florida panhandle versus the typical new church construction. The project was in service of the East Bay Baptist Church, a church impacted by Hurricane Michael, located east of Panama City. 

Last October, about 20 people were taking refuge in the single-story East Bay Baptist Church when hurricane Michael’s category 5 speed winds began buffeting the church building. Those inside the church tied the doors tight with electrical cords and watched in shock as the wind lifted and then carried away the drive-through canopy at the end of the building. The damage grew greater and greater as the strong winds continued to pull off areas of the soffit and fascia.

Though a frightening experience, those inside the church thankfully came through the storm physically unharmed.

Because FBCTLH members are a compassionate, friendly, and welcoming body of believers who are committed, courageous, and proactive hearers and DOERS of God’s word, a team traveled to East Bay Baptist Church to repair some of the damage caused by Hurricane Michael. Just over a dozen team members, together with Immanuel Baptist Church of Tallahassee and another team from central Alabama, spent July 22 – 26 serving our neighbors to the west of us.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved with Builders for Christ, contact Richard Tudor.