How to Join Our Church

How to Join Our Church

Anyone who has made a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ, has expressed a desire for baptism by immersion, and has declared his or her purpose to try to live according to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit may become a member of FBCTLH.  Candidates should express their desire for membership to a member of our pastoral staff.

Each month our pastor hosts First Step – on the third Sunday at 10:15AM in the Welcome Center. Candidates for membership are encouraged to come and discover more about FBCTLH.

New members and their guests are invited to a quarterly brunch that gives an overview of ministries.

Baptism: Candidates make a public profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and declare purpose in trying to walk according to the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

Transfer of Letter: Candidates join the church on promise of a letter from their previous church of like faith and order.

Statement of Faith: Candidates provide a statement of satisfactory evidence of Christian character and former affiliation with a church of like faith and order, in the event of failure to produce a letter of transfer.  Statement of faith should be submitted to the pastor.

Associate Membership: Candidates may present themselves for associate membership (under the “watchcare” of the Church) upon their public confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, with the procedure for receiving associate members being the same as the procedure for receiving members. Associate members shall have the same rights and privileges as members, except that associate members may not vote, serve as deacons, serve as committee chairpersons, or serve as members of the nominating committee. Associate membership is reserved for college students or other temporary residents who already have full membership in another church of like faith and order.

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