Breakout Session 1

Breakout Session 1

Friday PM (7:45-9:00)

the gospel and sexuality
Josh Hall
In a day when discussions and debates about the nature of marriage and sexuality dominate headlines and even divide families, we will take some time to carefully explore how the gospel should shape our understanding of human sexuality. As we become more aware of the biblical purpose and boundaries for sex, especially in light of the hope of the gospel, we will see a path to fulfillment for those in any walk of life.


the gospel and parenting
Frankie & Flor Hernandez, Clay & Tina Mason, Stuart & Kerri Pearce
Join us for a time of discussing success and struggles in presenting the gospel message to our children in spoken and tangible ways. Panelists will share guiding principles that have aided their approach to sharing the gospel within their families. This will be an interactive time with session attendees, designed to share, shape, and encourage each other in this most important aspect of parenting.


the gospel and work
Stacey Getz, Funmi Ojetayo, Jonathan Watt
What if work isn’t meant to simply pay the bills? What if work isn’t meant to be personally fulfilling? What if it isn’t enough to try to honor God in how we do our work, or that we try to be Christlike to people at work? What if work in and of itself is a calling to glorify God?

If we are to live all of life for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31), then we need a gospel-centered view of work. Whether you work inside the home, outside the home or are still discovering your vocational calling, join us as we unpack the theology of work, discuss how to tackle some of the challenges we face in the workplace, and offer practical ways in which God can be glorified in our work.


the gospel and worship
Pam Cooke, George Feijoo, Penny Folsom
Our purpose is to praise and worship God. This means that our ultimate purpose in missions is not that sinners find salvation, but that their Savior is praised and glorified for His redemptive work and grace. If we are having trouble living out the Great Commission, then we are also having trouble worshiping God in spirit and in truth. Central to that disconnect is our sinful forgetfulness and faithlessness in who God is, what he has done for us, and what He has promised to do. If we are committed to the cause of Christ, then we must base our individual and corporate worship on the deep theological truth of the gospel and should showcase this truth in our worship, as a belief in it can do nothing less but drive us to an overwhelming and spirited outpouring of affection for God.


the gospel and life…groups
Bill Shiell
How does a life group go from life to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those in the group? We will discuss practical suggestions for taking the next step with seekers in your life group. For those who’ve never been a part of a group or are interested in the life group model of evangelism, this session will provide some insight into the process of sharing your faith while you live the gospel.