Breakout Session 3

Breakout Session 3

Saturday PM

Neighborhood track

  • Reaching the Neighbors – how to use special events and small groups to reach your neighbors for Christ; includes providing meals, hosting a block party, starting a prayer group
  • Moving to the Frontlines – learn what is involved in relocating your home to get closer to and live among those in need
    • Matt & Margaret Reynolds

Campus track

  • Talking with Teachers – guidance on how to interact with teachers and professors, especially when they seem hostile to your faith
  • Loving the International – considerations and suggestions for reaching those from other countries and cultures; includes those with Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist backgrounds
    • Marty & Janice Smith, Darin Duch, Kate King, and Dr. Jim Pitts

Workplace track

  • Working for Caesar – whether serving in federal, state, or local government, how to live out your faith in the public sector
    • Jim Cooke, Wayne Tedder, and Kandi Winters

City track

  • Maximizing Your Hour as a Mentor – strategies to help our mentors participating in our partnership with Sabal Palm Elementary make the most of their hour with their child
    • Rhonda Smith
  • Visiting the Prisoner – the importance of and opportunities for prison ministry
    • Tim Barry and Charles & Velma Lawson

*Bonus track

  • Helping Someone in Crisis – how to respond when a family member, friend, or neighbor is in crisis; includes discussion of mental illness and the church
    • Dr. Ron Rickner (Family Healing Center)
  • Living Sent with Those Who Grieve – discussion of the importance of grief and how it can be transformational
    • Fran Buhler