Helping Your Children Understand the Gospel


Helping Your Children Understand the Gospel

On Sunday, January 10, parents of children and youth are encouraged to attend an equipping meeting. This meeting is a collaboration between Jacob and Josh and is designed to help each parent understand how to lead their children to encounter gospel moments in their everyday lives.

At this meeting, Jacob and Josh will walk through the “how to” of redeeming everyday moments into gospel-centered moments. They will help each parent take hold of their God-given responsibility of training up their child in a way that is doable and attainable. They will cover topics dealing with a child’s salvation, the parent’s role in salvation, and next steps after salvation.

FBCTLH’s Family Ministry Strategy will be revealed to continue moving forward in the partnership between FBCTLH and the home.

Each family will receive a free resource to take home to carry on the conversation. Make plans to join us on January 10 in the Fellowship Hall at 10 AM.

For more information, please contact Jacob or Josh.

For more information, contact: Jacob Chilton