Sexual Abuse Awareness Training


Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

In order to equip our families to recognize warning signs and prevent abuse, we will be offering sexual abuse awareness training. On Sunday, December 11, Josh Hall and Jenny Whitaker will lead a session just for parents and any other interested adults during the 10 o’clock SMBS hour.

In addition, Jenny will lead an age-appropriate lesson for children on Wednesday, November 30 during their regular programming. Then on Wednesday, December 14, Josh will offer an age-appropriate version for our youth during Collide at 6:45 PM.

Our hope is that this will enable our young ones and their families to be safer and more secure, not only at FBCTLH but wherever they may go. If you have any questions or specific concerns for your family, don’t hesitate to contact Josh or Jenny directly.

For more information, contact: Josh Hall