Secret Church


Secret Church


“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities” (Romans 13:1).

But what if you don’t agree with who those authorities are and how they are governing? How does this apply to different types of governments in different parts of the world? How does this command apply to the persecuted? In summary, how should Christians relate to government? Should we gladly submit to government, work to change government, or both, or neither? And what do Christians do when they disagree about political positions and personalities, cultural concerns and challenges?

Secret Church 20 will explore how the gospel transforms the way followers of Jesus relate to governing authorities in any nation for the glory of God in all nations. The purpose of this Secret Church is definitively not to advocate for a political position, party, or candidate in any particular country. The purpose of this Secret Church is to establish biblical foundations for understanding how the character of God and the content of the gospel totally transform the way Christians relate to government.

Along the way, we will examine how these biblical foundations help Bible-believing Christians promote love and preserve unity even when we disagree on policies and politics. Ultimately, we will encourage one another to live faithfully as citizens of heaven while we’re citizens on earth.

Secret Church is a “house church” Bible study and prayer meeting lasting over 6 hours. If you desire to know God more deeply through His Word and to know His church more fully around the world, then you are invited to be a part of Secret Church.

The objective of Secret Church is not just to come and learn for one night but to take what is learned and share it with others. May what is learned during this gathering encourage you to make disciples of Christ, both locally and globally.


In order to support social distancing and love our neighbors by limiting the potential spread of the coronavirus, we will not gather at FBCTLH to watch the live stream. Instead, we plan to make the video feed available to those who register so that you can participate in Secret Church from your home. All those who register below will be sent the necessary login information.


A limited number of printed study guides are available for $5 each. If you would like to purchase one, indicate so when you RSVP below so your guide can be mailed to you in advance. There is no additional charge for the event, and all are welcome to join us.

For more information, contact: Josh Hall