Trick-or-Treat Outreach Event


Trick-or-Treat Outreach Event

This year we want to employ our church to be missional in their very own neighborhood. Since Trick-or-Treat falls on a Sunday night, this makes it a perfect opportunity to do something in our own neighborhoods.

Strategy: Partner with your SMBS class and pick one house to host. Do something like roll your grill up to the front of the house and fire that baby up! As families come to collect candy at your door, invite them to grab a hot dog. This will give you the perfect opportunity to hand them an invite card to our church. While you reach out to your neighbor, you will also have a built-in class fellowship. Win win!

The church will provide any materials you might need, like the hot dogs, buns, aluminum foil, and serving gloves. All we ask you to do is provide a hospitable environment.

If this sounds like something your class would like to participate in, please reach out to Jacob.