Glocal Missions


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Glocal Missions

Do you remember returning from vacation, dropping off our pictures, waiting for them to be developed, and picking them up at the store? In these days of instant everything, there was something about that season of anticipation. In the gap between return and development, we had a reason to get together, see the pictures, and tell the stories.

This past summer, over 100 people from First Baptist Tallahassee have been on mission. They’ve traveled individually and collectively to Haiti and Uganda. They’ve driven to Rome, Georgia, and Orlando, Florida. They’ve sung in Boston, delivered Bibles in Puerto Rico, and installed windows in Waterloo. It’s all for one purpose–to extend the mission of God across the world.

When you measure the impact of a church, one clear way is to note how many people launch out on mission somewhere. That means they’re being nurtured, trained, cultivated, and empowered to serve where God calls.

At the same time, many of you have been living out the building blocks of the resurrection. You’ve mentored another life, shared a “Cornelius” lunch with a God-fearer, or extended hospitality to a stranger. This Sunday night, I invite you to come and share together what God is doing through you globally and locally. It’s called a “Glocal Missions Celebration.” The Youth Choir will sing, our missions groups will report, we’ll hear testimonies of things that you have never heard before. If you ever wonder what’s going on at First Baptist, this is a night to come. After the service, stick around in the fellowship hall for some desserts, and explore our “missions fair” downstairs with more information from various people and groups.

When Paul and Barnabas returned from their journeys, they shared “how God opened a door of faith for the Gentiles.” Sunday night, the doors are open again at First Baptist to hear the reports in our midst. We’ve been waiting to hear their stories and see their pictures. We’ll hear the faith development in lives all across our church. We’ll get a picture of how God wants us to love Tallahassee. I’ll see you there.