A Resilient Faith


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A Resilient Faith

A Resilient Faith

This Sunday, we begin a new series called “A Resilient Faith.” When I first learned about faith, I thought of it as an unshakeable confidence. With God, I could do anything. But that’s just one dimension. Faith is a gift from God when we feel isolated, lonely, afraid, and weary.

The book of Hebrews describes faith for a group of people on an unknown journey. When they have no idea where the road ahead will take them, no sense precisely of what will happen next, Hebrews says faith comes along and moves them forward.

This kind of faith walks blindly through a dark room knowing that you’re going to find the light switch eventually. This faith comes to us as a gift when we’re just about ready to quit. When we experience setbacks and suffering for doing right, faith is like a sore muscle that has been stretched in training. It hurts, but it’s a sign that we’re growing stronger in our lives. Faith is an internal compass that signals to us that we’re on the way home. Faith is a group of people who latch onto us like a group of mountain climbers going up a mountain. They won’t let you fall, but you have to trust what your team tells you even if it doesn’t make sense.

This is a faith for down-trodden, broken-hearted people who have sacrificed their way to the back of the line of life. Right there, you’ll find Jesus Christ carrying the cross for you.

Where have you experienced this kind of faith in your life?