Preparing for Connections Weekend


First Focus

Preparing for Connections Weekend

“Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” The first part of Jesus’ great commission combines mission and teaching, service and education, witness and formation. Both work hand in hand. You learn as you go. When you move, you grow.

The Connections Weekend conference, February 7-9, focuses our attention on the first part of the Great Commission: Mission + Discipleship. We are calling each other to “Live Sent.” You are a missionary for Jesus learning, sharing, and going at work, in your household, on your campus. Since we’re just a few weeks away from this exciting weekend, let me ask you to prepare in the following ways.

Go: Keep doing your kingdom assignments. Already 300 people are living sent. Be sure to take a step in January, and come prepared to talk about them in February.

Pray: Pray for our city. Pray for the leaders and the followers. Pray for the institutions and the neighborhoods. God is already at work on campuses, in households, and at work. Pray that our eyes would be open to see God’s work and have open doors to be co-laborers with Christ. Pray for our guest speaker, Matt Reynolds.

Call: Please invite your Sunday morning Bible study groups to come. We’re asking group leaders to call their rolls. Pastoral staff will be calling recent guests of the church. Share this conference with new members.

Learn: We have ordered a number of books that will help you learn more about “living sent,” even before the weekend starts. All of these are available in the connect center and can be purchased at the welcome desk. They’re also available in e-book format. Drop by, and check them out. A complete list is on my blog.

Register: Register today and plan to be a part. Connections Weekend gathers us across generations and ages for one purpose—to be on mission for Christ. What better way to build community in our church family than by going into the community together? I’ll see you February 7-9.