Two-Step Challenge


First Focus

Two-Step Challenge

Our ministry in 2014 is off to a fast start. We’re just four months into the year, and we’ve celebrated Connections Weekend, Dessert Theatre, Disciple Now, a mission trip to Boston, and a Women’s Conference together. My home has been filled with laughter, study, and renewal. Think back with me about the impact of one weekend in February. Over Disciple Now weekend, we had the privilege of hosting “The Taco Belles,” a group of 7th-8th grade girls full of life, vitality, and passion for Jesus. Three of our women college students led these teenagers through an empowering study of God’s word. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this youth group.

Disciple Now and programs like it would not be possible without your gifts this quarter. Thank you for sharing generously. They provide the staff, resources, food, and facilities to make it possible.

We’ve also decided to make an investment in our facilities. Because of your response to Here for Life, we have enough resources in the bank to cover half of the costs of a new roof. This repair is long overdue. We have worked with the bank to finance the remainder of these costs. Our property and finance committees have an excellent plan in place. Construction will begin in June and be finished by the end of the summer.

Now our giving needs to keep pace with ministry. After a strong finish to 2013, our giving is keeping pace with last year. Our budget needs and the ministry opportunities have increased 10.5%. Will you increase your giving by this amount?

This Sunday, I’ll invite you to take the 2-step challenge. In the early church, people laid their resources at the apostles’ feet. Would you increase your giving just $2 per day between May 1 and Labor Day to the work of the church? Let’s send our groups, camps, mission teams, and missionaries out this summer on firm footing. Let the Lord multiply your gifts and make an impact here.

After Disciple Now, one of the students shared, “So thankful for the people that led me closer to Christ this weekend.” By giving, you were one of those people. Please help us match our giving to our leading. The Lord will bless your sacrifice as we love Tallahassee together.