Senior Adults in Branson


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Senior Adults in Branson

Humans need humor. Christians need to laugh at themselves especially. Any time we can get together with people of faith, we are making room for the movement of the Spirit in our midst.

Last week, 34 of our Seniors played together in Branson, Missouri. The time of travel and fellowship was sweetened by the sounds of laughter and the joy of connections among members and guests. They shared stories of God’s work in their lives and enjoyed the talents of some great artists. I asked Jenna to share a few insights from the trip. She writes:

You’ve heard the expression make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold. Well this was a cram course in making new friends and was just as exciting to our adults as camp is to our youth. Four days on a bus definitely gives ample time to share life experiences. Our new church members who were a part of this journey came home with many new friends; indeed they experienced church family. As testimonies were shared relationships deepened and our participants gained rich relationships.

This road trip proved to be a time of spiritual refreshment for many. The theme scripture for the week focused on the fruit of the spirit. Many said that the testimonies, daily devotions and answered prayers on the journey were their favorite part of the trip. With self-examination and devotional thoughts on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, they were all encouraged to be a reflection of Him.

One testimony encouraged them in the discipline of journaling their quiet time with the Lord. For one of our members her morning devotional scriptures spoke specifically to her concerning a potentially dangerous time she experienced later the very same day. Others testified of the Lord’s provision through times of loss of a loved one, physical illness, care giving, premature birth of a grandchild and healing. The joy, peace and purpose of life in Christ were clearly stated.

When we are playing together, we’re discovering the joy of the abundant life Christ has given to us. Welcome back, Seniors. Be sure to enjoy yourself this summer. When you’re having fun, you’re experiencing some of the best of what faith has to offer.