Fasting – part 2


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Fasting – part 2

Fasting – part 2

By now, hopefully you’ve skipped at least one meal—or tried to do so. It’s ok if you sneaked a cracker. The point is that you tried, and you’ve learned that you can live off 2 meals in one day. What do you do during the time you’d normally eat? In Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster suggests some very practical things to do.

  1. Reflect on the truth that our deepest need is for God.
  2. Practice confession of sin and intercession for all those leading and participating
  3. Purify your motives in relationships. Admit when you have not forgiven someone, and seek reconciliation.
  4. Identify and list anxieties and burdens.
  5. Seek wisdom and discernment in important decisions.
  6. Focus on the ways God has blessed you. Express gratitude for him.
  7. Identify a need in your life.
  8. Meditate on Philippians.

With these practical suggestions, hopefully you can feast on Jesus’ presence. What other suggestions do you have for people learning to fast?