The Witnesses of Christmas


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The Witnesses of Christmas

The Witnesses of Christmas
Luke 2:25-40

The Spirit falls on people who regularly worship and witness to what they have seen and heard. Each heart has been broken open to the world’s pain. Jesus’s birth heals them.

Luke’s Cast of Christmas Characters in Luke 1-2:
Zechariah and Joseph (Fathers)
Elizabeth and Mary (Mothers)
Worshipers and Neighbors (Friends)
John and Jesus (Sons)
Herod and Caesar (“Kings”)
Shepherds and Angels (Heralds)
Simeon and Anna (Witnesses)

At Christmas, God heals us of our pain. The work of Christmas begins when we use his healing to witness to our world.

1.) Turn your heart to Jesus (1:17)
2.) Allow your heart to break open (2:35, 37)
3.) Bless and thank God for his gifts (2:28, 38)
4.) Pay attention to Jesus’ coming in the lives of those around you. (2:27, 38)
5.) Speak truthfully into the triumph and tension of Jesus’s birth (2:30, 35, 38)

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