First Focus


“Gentlemen, this is a football.” Those who know sports, and especially professional football, will quickly recognize these words. Vince Lombardi coached the Green Bay Packers to a heartbreaking four-point loss in the 1960 NFL championship game. When the first day of training camp arrived the following season, rather than trying to immediately build on their previous success, Lombardi chose to start with the most basic of fundamentals—the football. From there, he led the team to review each and every essential of the game. Rather than taking the basics for granted, excellence in even the simplest tasks was to be achieved before something greater could be built on that foundation. Later that year, the Packers would go on to defeat the New York Giants 37-0 and win the first of five NFL championships for Lombardi with the Packers.

As Christians and as a church, there are times when we need to go back to the basics and reaffirm our understanding of even our most essential beliefs. Last weekend, we were powerfully reminded and joyfully celebrated that Jesus’ death and resurrection are central to our faith. Without these, we have nothing! This Sunday, we will begin a new five-week sermon series with only one focus—God.

The more we know of God and the better we know God, the more we are drawn to love and worship Him with every fiber of our being. During this series, we will see how God has revealed Himself to us and what we can know about His nature and His character. My hope is that each of us will sense awe and wonder as we behold our Lord and will be invigorated with renewed gratitude to the God we serve and even greater delight in Him.