Church News


Dear First Baptist Family,
I want to share with you the annual report from Limbe, Haiti (the village where the Christian University of Northern Haiti is located). Our church has been supporting their summer music and leadership camps for several years. I first went as a volunteer music teacher in 1998 and was so amazed at the way the camps are raising young Christian leaders. I came home so excited to think of how we could help improve and expand the camps.

FBCTLH joined me in this excitement and has helped by having 14 years of fundraising. With our proceeds from the fundraising, we have helped provide annual operational funds for the camps. In addition we have supplied a new water tank and generators for clean water at the college, two air-conditioned classrooms (used year-round but in the summer for camps), scholarships for students, instruments, and miscellaneous music supplies — even a PIZZA meal which was a treat and first for all the campers!

You should see the college volunteers walking to the nearby villages with the campers distributing the “Gospel Bags” that FBCTLH assembles at our fall First Love. A fun mob scene, but it is teaching the interns to be competent and brave in sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The village kids have to listen to a Bible verse from the bag being read in three languages before they receive the goodies in the bag! Music and music lessons draw the children (who can pay $30) to attend camp, but, the gospel is the message they go home with.

Over the years we have raised enough money to hopefully complete the small volunteer house on UNCH campus. The construction will begin in August after this year’s music camp. It will then be possible to have accommodations for a volunteer team. I believe increased involvement will help make the camps self-sustaining. I truly am blessed to have had a part in this for I know that the Lord has directed us. Thank you First Baptist.

Sincerely, Janet Ray