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What do you think of when you hear the word “volunteer?” If you a college football fan, you may think of the Tennessee Volunteers; or maybe you think of a hospital candy striper. You may think of a mentor at Sabal Palm Elementary School or a volunteer fireman. At The First Baptist Church of Tallahassee (FBCTLH) there are many, many different volunteers, but today I want to focus on a group of volunteers that you do not hear much about.

2 Corinthians 3:9 says, “For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.” At FBCTLH there are many “co-workers in God’s service” because they give their skills, talents, and time to repair, maintain, and spruce-up our buildings, equipment, lawns, flowers, vehicles, and much more. In 2 Corinthians, Paul calls them “co-workers in God’s service.” At FBCTLH, we simply call them “volunteers.”

These volunteers can be found on our campus almost any day. They show up to build, fix up, repair, or manage whatever area is in need. They freely give of their time and talents, not to be recognized by the church but simply to honor and glorify our God! Each year these volunteers save our church thousands of dollars in repair, maintenance, landscaping, and project management fees.

During the past several months just a few of the project accomplishments at FBCTLH by our volunteers are:

  1. Repaired ceiling in the music library.
  2. Project management for the replacement of windows in the steeple.
  3. Project management for the replacement of A/C units in the Duval wing.
  4. Painted, updated, and remodeled, the Minister of Children’s office.
  5. Repainted the green accent wall blue in the Children’s Lobby.
  6. Remodeled and updated the Music Suite and Music Library including:
    • Demolished two walls.
    • Added new door to Minister of Music’s Office.
    • Painted the walls and removed old baseboards.
    • Replaced light fixtures, switches, and outlets.
    • Had a new carpet and baseboards installed.
    • Had asbestos removed from music library ceiling.
    • Built and installed six floor to ceiling cabinets in the Music Library.
  7. Assembled and installed portable shelving in the kitchen storage room.
  8. During hurricane Hermine, the baseboards and walls were damaged by water. After the water was removed and the baseboards were pulled off to dry the walls behind them, volunteers re-installed and painted the baseboards.
  9. Before classes started this semester, several volunteers from the college department painted the college area. The Basement logo was also painted at the entrance.

Who are the volunteers at FBCTLH? Some are members of the Property and Maintenance Committee; some are members of a Sunday Morning Bible Study Class; some are deacons; some are women; some are men; some are old; some are young; but they all are “co-workers in God’s service.”

If you would like to volunteer your time and talents as a co-worker in God’s service, contact John Rice (Executive Pastor), Jordan Mallory (Director of Operations), or Darrell Thompson (Chair — Property & Maintenance).

~ Darrell E. Thompson
Chair — Property & Maintenance Committee