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With every holiday that passes, I seem to tell myself that next year I’ll get it right — that I’ll learn from this year and fix whatever was less than ideal. No matter how well things go, it feels like there’s always room for improvement or something that could have gone better.

All of this is magnified when it comes to Christmas, the final and most labor-intensive holiday each year. Christmas is also the holiday that we most want to get right, especially with all of the opportunities to reunite with visiting family and friends and even exchange gifts with some of them. Not to mention celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Last Sunday, as a part of our Hanging of the Green service, we began an Advent sermon series that will focus on getting Christmas right. We’ll use some of the more familiar aspects of the holiday — planning events, sending cards, finding gifts, inviting guests, and responding to the gifts we receive — as points of reference for looking more deeply at what God was accomplishing through the Incarnation and the arrival of Immanuel.

In the midst of all the activity and events that fill December, I hope that you will make plans to gather for worship, sing God’s praises, and study God’s Word together with us.


  • November 27: The Right Expectations
  • December 04: The Right Time and Place
  • December 11: The Right Message
  • December 18: The Right Gift
  • December 24: The Right Guests
  • December 25: The Right Response