First Focus


Spring is finally here and the signs of new life are all around us. The sights, sounds, and smells of spring remind us of God’s creative and powerful hand in our lives. This is a meaningful time as we walk through the season of Lent, preparing our hearts and minds for Easter.

Despite this, the calendar page will turn soon and busy days are ahead for the Children’s Ministry. I find myself thinking about June 12–16 morning, noon, and night. The question on my heart: Is VBS still relevant for children? Many of us have fond memories of attending and serving in VBS in the past but is that reason enough to “do it again?” I believe we need to think about VBS a bit differently. Perhaps we should think of it as the perfect follow-up to Easter? God has given the people of FBCTLH an opportunity to share His story with the children of Tallahassee. What an incredible opportunity before us!

It is my desire for us to work as a church and team to put together a strong, spiritual, and fun week for one reason: so each child that walks through the doors of FBCTLH knows that Jesus loves them… all the time, anywhere, and no matter what happens in their life.

Plans have already begun for the week of June 12-16 at FBCTLH. Before we know it, our church will be preparing for this powerful week of ministry in the life of FBCTLH. The children will focus on being “created by God and built for a purpose.” The week will be filled with bite-sized pieces of ministry but we can’t do it alone. We need 150 adults, college students, and youth to sign up to SERVE and #MAKEanIMPACT in the lives of our children. Get ready… get set… let’s do this. Let’s serve together and make a difference!

There are two ways to sign up to serve:

  • Online
  • or find a PURPLE clipboard throughout the building and sign up to serve.

Excited and ready to serve with YOU!

— Suzette Mason

PS: If you haven’t registered your child for VBS yet, you can do so at fbctlh.org/vbs.