First Focus


“Let me write the songs of a nation; I don’t care who writes its laws.” — 17th century Scottish politician, Andrew Fletcher

“Show me a church’s songs, and I’ll show you their theology.” — New Testament Scholar, Gordon Fee

The church culture of today is quite preoccupied with musical style, what instruments are used or not used, ambience, lighting, projection, etc. However, if we really think about the extent of truth expressed in the statements above, our concern should rest much more solidly on what words we are singing — and on who is singing them. I think we all can agree that our children are the future of our faith and our world, if not our own church. So, it would seem to follow that the songs, the words that our children learn to sing, are of utmost importance.

This is why children’s choir is so important. Did you know that we have choirs for preschool and elementary children of every age? In these choirs, our children learn not only the rudiments of music reading and singing, but our very theology is being “caught” through the words of the songs and hymns they learn. They are learning the basic tenets of our faith and they are learning how to be lifelong worshipers. If your child is not a part of these choirs, please consider letting them join. Though they are wrapping up this school year, the regular choir schedule will continue in the fall. Sports and other activities last for a season, songs of faith and the words and concepts we learn from them last a lifetime. Our elementary choirs meet every Wednesday evening from 6:00PM – 6:45PM and our preschool choirs meet from 11:15AM to 12:15PM on every other Sunday.

Sunday evening, May 7, at 6:00PM, you have an opportunity to come out and support our children as they sing. Our elementary children’s choirs will present “Heroes of the Faith.” Through the stories and songs in this musical, our children have been learning what it truly means to be a hero; what it means to be sold out for God and to live a life committed to obeying Him. Bring your children who aren’t yet in children’s choir, bring your neighbor’s children, bring your friends and their children. This short musical packs a powerful punch and will be a delight to see and hear. Not only will you enjoy the opportunity to hear our talented kids, but you just may be inspired to be a “hero of the faith” yourself.

I want to just say a word of deep gratitude to those who work with our children’s choirs. If it’s true that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” and that our songs are more powerful than our laws, then these volunteers wield some pretty amazing power!

Thank you, Tina Mason, Flor Hernandez, Aundrea Scott, Joann Pullen, Savannah Hirst, Valerie Parrish, Melissa Merrill, Joey and Joy Stein, Frankie Hernandez and Amy Nungesser for teaching our children to sing the faith!

— Penny Folsom