Pastor’s Blog


It’s finally that time of day. All the tasks of the day are done, and you’re finally able to plop down into your designated ‘comfy place.’ It’s time to relax before it all begins again, but then an unrecognized number shows up on your phone. Should you answer or let it go to voicemail? Something within spurs you to answer. The friendly voice on the other end makes a pleasant introduction. It’s a name you’re semi-familiar with, but you’re not quite sure. Then they speak those words that inspire dread: “I’m calling on behalf of the First Baptist Church Nominating Committee…” (Aaaaaaahhhhh! I should have let it go to voicemail!!).

Yes, it’s that time of year! The FBCTLH 2017 Nominating Committee is meeting and they have been in contact with Staff and SMBS leadership. They are praying over a list of volunteer leaders that teach the Bible and lead in a variety of ways each Sunday morning. The team gives vocal praise when you respond by saying ‘Yes’ to the opportunity to serve Jesus and this church body for another year. If your response is ‘No, thank you’ to serving another year, we give an understanding smile because we know that there is a valid reason and because God has something new in store for you.

I want you to know the 2017 Nominating Committee is talking about you and we’re praying for you! We’re not mentioning your name and praying for you to simply ‘fill’ a spot on our list. We’re talking about you and praying that you will respond to The Call. That you will allow God to work through you among a small group of people on Sunday mornings as you use your gifts and abilities to lead, teach, and serve Him each week.

And remember, Sunday Morning Bible Study is life-altering. I have vivid memories (and I’m sure you do to) of men and women throughout all stages of my life, who taught me Bible truth, lived their faith before me in visible means, demonstrated to me what it really meant to be a Disciple of Jesus, and loved me because the love Christ compelled them. You can have that same impact on others, as well!

We have exciting opportunities for God to use your faithfulness and availability in our SMBS Ministry to alter lives. There are opportunities to serve with babies, children, youth and students, Young Adults, Singles, Adults, Internationals, and Senior Adults.

All we ask is that you pray with us, be open, be available, and answer The Call!

— John Rice