Church News


Builders For Christ is a volunteer missions program that assists Southern Baptist churches with the construction of buildings needed for ministry; this will be the 26th year that First Baptist Church of Tallahassee has participated in this effort.

This past fall, the Roaring Fork Baptist Church buildings in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (as well as numerous homes and businesses) were destroyed by wild fires; Roaring Fork’s buildings are being rebuilt this summer by Builders For Christ volunteers. About 32 volunteers from First Baptist Church of Tallahassee will be working alongside about 60 other volunteers from Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Immanuel Baptist Church in Tallahassee during the week of July 31 to August 4. Volunteers this summer have already prepared the foundation, raised the walls, put on the roof, and begun exterior sheathing, interior wiring, plumbing, air conditioning ducts, insulation, and sheet rock.

During our work week, we will continue the work with the goal of getting as much done as possible so that by the end of the summer, the Roaring Fork Baptist Church will be well along in their rebuilding process. Likely tasks for our team include installing tile, continuing with electrical work, installing wood trim, installing light fixtures and projector screens, installing toilet partitions, finishing sheet rock, and painting.

At the current time, it appears the project is a week ahead of schedule. The architect stated that this project is moving forward at about 3 times the speed of a normal schedule when a worthy contractor does his best.

Pray that the Roaring Fork Baptist Church is soon back in its new facilities and can continue its active ministry stronger than ever. Also pray that the volunteers are able to have a positive impact on the cause of Christ as they travel, work, and interact with the community.

— Richard Tudor