First Focus


It’s hard not to notice the “work in progress” on Adams Street. Last week, a crane the length of a full city block was brought in and assembled piece by piece. Apparently, this monstrous and amazing piece of equipment will be our neighbor for quite some time as the Doubletree Hotel reaches higher into the Tallahassee skyline adding a whole new story to their building.

This crane is an everyday reminder that we too are a “Work in Progress.” As we open our hearts to our Lord more and more, He builds us higher and higher, story upon story, until we make His mark on the skyline around us — displaying the full fruit of the Spirit for all to see.

On Sunday, April 15, at 6:00PM, our children — ever the expert teachers that they are — will present, “A Work in Progress,” a children’s musical based on Galatians 5:22–23. We know that all believers have the fruit of the Spirit available to us when we ask Christ to live in us and transform our lives. But, as our children will remind us, we have to be intentional in letting God work in us to “grow us up” higher and higher spiritually, so that we are producing fruit that brings glory to God.

Our children have been hard at work preparing this gift for their church family. Please come and support them with your presence, your smiles, your applause, and your love as they lead us in worship; exploring the fruit found in Galatians and learning that living by the Spirit is also walking by the Spirit.

— Penny Folsom

Participating Singers

1st Grade
Faith Hall
Tristan Kistner
Halley Pearce
Dominic Prato
CJ Scott, Jr
Sienna Tillery

2nd Grade
Amelia Accorsini
Aiden Edwards
Peyton Griffin

3rd Grade
Brandon Elias
Emanuel Hernandez
Jimmy Pearce
Grant Peterson
Ethan Thornbury
Judson Vickery

4th Grade
Jamie Cooper
Joseph Hall
Amelia McKnight
Heidi Osborn
Mary Grace Parker

5th Grade
Addison Green